Rainy days at Greenway

A visitor with an umbrella at Greenway

Even in the rain, the woodland garden at Greenway is ripe for exploring, and the house, glass houses in the garden and Boathouse on the river provide so much more than a spot to take shelter. Here are our top five things to do on a rainy summer's day.

1. Take a walk in the rain

The woodland garden at Greenway gives a lot of shelter, so why not borrow an umbrella from visitor reception and go exploring? Under the cover of the woodland garden you will find ponds and pools, the Camellia Garden, and the Battery and Boathouse on the riverside.


2. Visit the Boathouse

You can take some time to dry off whilst listening to the rain drops fall on the roof whilst you're in the Boathouse Saloon, warmed by a small log burner. From here you can look out over the River Dart, learn about the history of this building, and even see the spot where character Marlene Tucker reached her untimely end in Agatha Christie's Greenway-based mystery Dead Man's Folly. During the summer months the Boathouse is open from 11am-3pm daily. 


3. Find a reading nook

As part of a celebration of Greenway's literary heritage, you'll find reading nooks dotted around, where you can help yourself to a book to read and a cushion to sit on. Why not take some time to read and relax? You can stock up on books to take home with you too, by visiting the second-hand book shop in the café. Every penny you donate for a book helps to care for Greenway into the future. 


4. Head inside

The house is filled with Agatha Christie and her family's collections, so there is plenty to see. When you arrive team can give you some blue over-shoes and stash your umbrella safely, so you don't have to worry about bringing the bad weather inside with you. 


5. Chill with a cuppa

The Barn Café has a tempting range of food, drinks and home-made cakes, and comfy indoor seating so that you can take your time enjoying them. What's better than a hot drink after a long walk in the rain?