Visiting Greenway with your dog

Visitors with their dog at the Battery in the garden at Greenway, Devon

Dogs are welcome at Greenway; Agatha Christie and her family were big dog lovers, and so are the team of staff and volunteers now. Please keep your dogs on a short lead when in the grounds at Greenway, and dispose of any waste in the bins provided.

Where can my dog go?

Dogs on short leads are welcome throughout the woodland and walled gardens at Greenway. Please remember to stick to the paths and keep them under close control, so you will be able to clearly see your dog at all times and not allow them to approach other visitors without their consent. 

We want to make sure you and your four-legged friends have a great time at Greenway, whilst we also maintain the health of our plants. If dogs were to run into the flower beds, plant diseases could very easily be spread, so by keeping them close and on short leads, you can help us prevent this. 


Where can't my dog go?

We ask that dogs remain outside in the courtyard when visitors are entering the shop or cafe. Assistance dogs are allowed in the house. 


What do I need to be aware of at Greenway? 

We've partnered with a local company Forth Glade and produced the Canine Code to help both visitors and staff enjoy spending time with their dogs at our special places.

The top tips to remember from the Canine Code are: 

  • Take the lead: help reduce the chance of your pup disturbing wildlife by keeping them on a lead.
  • Scoop that poop: bag it and bin it to keep your favourite places beautiful.
  • Paws for thought: look out for information signs and take extra care on cliff paths
  • Be on the ball: not everyone loves dogs, so keep them close by.


After a nice long walk around Greenway garden why not rest and enjoy the view?
A dog sat on a bench with it's owners in Greenway garden
After a nice long walk around Greenway garden why not rest and enjoy the view?


Facilities available for my dog

There are water bowls and waste bins located in the main courtyard where the shop, cafe and toilet facilties are. The shop is stocked with pet essentials and accessories, and in the summer the cafe serves doggie ice cream. 

Outside of Greenway House there are tethering rings and water bowls. 

Walkers and their dogs at Blea Tarn in Eskdale and Duddon Valley, Cumbria


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