Greenway's D Day connections

Greenway was requisitioned during World War Two and used first to house child evacuees, and then from 1944 to 1945 by the US Coastguard in the run up to the D Day landings. During June at Greenway we'll be sharing some of these stories, and holding events and activities where you can find out more about Greenway during wartime.

The entrance to the air raid shelter at Greenway

Back in time to D Day

On Wednesday 6 and Saturday 9 June we'll be going back in time to D Day. Music, vehicles and outfits from the 1940s will be taking centre stage at Greenway: why not come along dressed in your 1940s best to find out what life was like at Greenway in the run up to D Day?

The library at Greenway in South Devon

Greenway Library frieze

In the Library you can’t miss Greenway’s unexpected treasure; a frieze painted during World War Two by Lt Marshall Lee, a member of the US.. Coast Guard stationed at the house in the run up to the D Day landings.