Drop-in volunteering

If you're thinking about volunteering, but just want to do something one-off or every now and again, the Greenway garden blitz could be just what you're looking for. On the first Wednesday of every month the garden team get a group of volunteers together to clear the weeds and brambles from an area of the garden - why not join in?

Drop in on a monthly garden blitz

Many hands make light work

The garden team devote a day a month to cutting down or digging out weeds, bramble, overgrown shrubs, and moving debris to the shredder or bonfire. This is to try and get under control some of the less visited parts of the garden – and the team would love your help. 
They are hoping that with monthly visits of many hands, they will soon see an improvement in the woodland garden. They will then re-visit these blitzed areas to gradually bring them into the garden and give the visitors more to see and enjoy. 


Ideal for anyone

Colin Clark, Greenway’s Senior Garden, explains: ‘we recently trialled this and had nine people clearing an area at the far end of the garden. It was hard work but everyone had fun. It’s also a great chance to meet other like-minded people, burn up a few calories, and explore parts of Greenway you might not have yet visited. You even get homemade cake with your tea; what’s not to enjoy?’
Greenway’s garden is notoriously steep in places, but there is such a wide range of work to do in each area there will be something for all abilities: no previous gardening skills necessary. Tools will be provided, but the garden team encourage you to please bring your own gloves and good boots, ensuring that they are free from soil or debris to prevent possible cross-contamination.


Join in

To join a garden blitz just drop Colin an email to say you are coming along (but you’re not committed if you need to change plans at the last minute). You can also register your interest online by clicking here. If you'd like to talk to Colin directly, please call 01803 842382.
" A good laugh, that's what it's all about really isn't it."
- Linda Findlay, Greenway garden volunteer