Exploring the estate in spring

On the spring walks with a ranger, the team lead you through the garden to see one of the largest heronries on the River Dart, nestled on the edge of the garden. They'll be talking about the work that they do to care for the wildlife too.

Children watching a heron at the edge of a river

Friday 20 April, 11.30am-12.15pm

The walk begins from the courtyard, outside of the shop, and lead through the garden until you reach the edge of the Top Garden. From here you can see over the River Dart down to Kingswear, and out over fields and woodland. One of the largest heronries on the River Dart can be seen from here. These walks are the perfect way to find out about Greenway's wider estate in spring. 

Free walks, normal admission prices apply. If you would like to travel to Greenway by car, you must pre-book a parking space online or by calling 01803 842382.