Us, A Gunby Estate Domesday

Model of house on the Gunby Estate

From 1 to 31 August visit an exciting exhibition in Gunby's Orchard Gallery: 'Us, A Gunby Estate Domesday', by Michael Sanders. The exhibition is a contemporary work exploring the untold stories of the tenanted properties on the Gunby Estate.

Michael Sanders has created this work for Orchard Gallery evolving from his experience as a long-term residential tenant on the Gunby Estate. Working with National Trust volunteers on archival research, and by capturing the portraits and memories of other current tenants, Michael has created a contemporary Domesday for Gunby, offering a parallel story to that told in the Hall.

At the centre of the exhibition is a stylised model village of the Gunby Estate
At the centre of the exhibition is a stylised model village of the Gunby Estate

Central to the exhibition is a series of metal objects forming a ‘model village’, representing some of the properties of the wider estate and offering an alternative perspective on Gunby Estate and its story. The model forms part of an installation containing Michael’s observational drawings; photographs of current tenants; segments of aural testimony and genealogical charts mapping available information on past residents. Together they surround the visitor in a visualisation of an unmapped history.

This is an exhibition inspired by the local community and made with love for this special place.

Memories captured by Gladys Waite, who is 105 years old, and was born on 15 February 1912 in Acacia Cottage on the Gunby Estate
Hands holding a tag
" It is my aim that this project will complement the story that is so beautifully told in the ‘big house’ by showing some of the hidden history of the people who live and work on the estate. Hopefully it will be an alternative guide to outside visitors encouraging them to explore beyond the Hall and gardens. … I want to portray some sense of why other people love this extraordinary place and choose to live here, so that we can communicate it to a wider audience. We may also appreciate and learn more of it ourselves."
- Michael Sanders, artist
The last train through Gunby
Hands holding old train tickets

The exhibition has been developed in partnership with curatorial collective, CommonAs, and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Artist Michael Sanders asks tenants to complete special house shaped tags that are displayed in the exhibition
Michael Sanders adding house tags to the exhibition

'Us, A Gunby Estate Domesday' is open daily from 1 to 31 August in Orchard Gallery, nestled in the Gunby gardens.