Fruits of the Forest

We sell a range of produce which comes from the Forest: award winning venison (in season), dried logs and kindling, from our coppicing programme, and sawn planks from felled, larger hardwood trees.

Award-Winning Venison

Our fully sustainable, responsible and ethical deer management plan allows us to provide premium quality wild venison.  This is available through the season (Nov to Feb) in a range of joints, diced for casseroles, and as burgers and sausages, fresh and frozen.  Buy from the Estate Office or call us on 01279 870678, contactless card payment only.

In 2015, this venison won the National Trust Fine Farm Produce Award.

" The venison was very well presented with a subtle aroma and flavour"
- Richard McGeown, Fine Farm Produce Award judge

More recently, in 2019, our Tender Loin Steaks and our Haunch Steaks were winners again at the National Trust Fine Farm Produce Awards.

" Lovely rich aroma, with a good depth of rich buttery flavour and a lovely tender texture................... Excellent venison steaks. "
- Richard McGeown and Miko Curteis

We also have a set of nine recipe cards, providing a range of options for transforming your vension into an exciting dish.


There’s nothing like the warmth of a roaring log fire on a chilly winter evening.

Our logs and kindling come from hardwood trees, harvested from the forest as a by-product of our coppicing operations.  The logs are then left for two years before being cut, so are properly dried.  This gives a product which is much more environmentally sound to use in wood burners and open fires than "wet" wood, as it produces far less emissions of the very harmful "PM2.5" pollutant particles.  It is fully consistent with the recent announcement  from the Dept  for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to cut pollution from household burning,  by banning the burning of wet wood from February 2021.

You can order seasoned firewood, cut to size, and for local delivery only, from September onwards.  Please ring the Estate Office (01279 870678).

The cost is £95 for a load of logs and £5 for a bag of kindling.  Delivery is free within a 5 m radius and £10 within a 10 m radius of the estate office (Takeley, Essex CM22 6NE).

In 2020, Ian Pease, our Ranger, is celebrating 25 years of delivering logs from the forest.  Read more about how the operation has evolved over the years.

Sawn Timber

There,'s nothing like working with quality hardwoods, for that special project or turning on the lathe.  Watch the grain develop and enjoy the smell of oak sawdust.

We have a range of sawn timber arising from felling hardwood trees in the forest, including oak, ash and hornbeam, as planks and posts, in a range of sizes.

This is available from the Estate Office (01279 870678) throughout the year.

come and buy some fine timber from the forest
planks of freshly cut hardwoods for sale in the yard
come and buy some fine timber from the forest