Forest Buildings and Sites

Hatfield Forest contains a number of buildings and sites of historic interest, including Forest Lodge, Warren Cottage and the Warren, the Shell House, the Fishermans Shelter, the Decoy Lake, Portingbury Hills and the Doodle Oak.

Forest Lodge in Hatfield Forest, Essex

Forest Lodge

Have you wondered about the history behind Forest Lodge, the attractive half timber building at the edge of the main plain?

Warren Cottage in Hatfield Forest

Warren Cottage

Warren Cottage is an attractive brick building located just off the main plain.

The Shell House near the Lake at Hatfield Forest, Essex.

The Shell House at Hatfield Forest

The Shell House was built in the mid 18th century, to provide a shelter at the edge of the newly created lake

The Shell House showing the later east and west wings

The Fishermans Shelter

The Fisherman's Shelter has a surprisingly interesting pedigree.

The Decoy Lake in spring, as the lilies start to develop

The Decoy Lake - a Brown legacy

This neglected piece of water is the remaining legacy of a plan provided by Lancelot Capabilty Brown in 1757 to modify the original lake.

Pillow mound in The Warren

The Rabbit Warren

If you look carefully in the area just beyond the main car park , you can see the remains of a medieval rabbit warren.

View showing ditched enclosure at Portingbury Hills

Portingbury Hills

Portingbury Hills are shown on the Ordnance Survey map in the middle of Beggarshall Coppice, but what are they? Certainly not hills!

A view of the stump of the Doodle Oak in Hatfield Forest

The Doodle Oak

The Doodle Oak was one of the largest oak trees, not just in the Forest, but also in the country, and over 900 years old when it died.