Special Projects

We undertake a wide variety of projects to maintain and develop the ecosystem of the Forest and our outlying Greens, as well as restoring the significant historic landscapes.

mapping the root system

Mapping the roots of an ancient oak

Can you guess how far the roots of an ancient oak extend out?

A line of tree guards stretching out across Woodside Green

Restoring Woodside Green

Thanks to the support of the People’s Postcode Lottery, we’re delighted to announce ambitious plans to restore an open area of pasture at Woodside Green to the vibrant, wildlife-rich parkland it would have been 100 years ago.

Bluebells in Blake's Wood

Restoring Wall Wood

Wall Wood is part of the Hatfield Forest National Nature Reserve and has been suffering from over-grazing for many years. The restoration project aims to keep deer out of the woodland to give the wood a chance to recover and thrive once again.

protective barrier around hornbeam

Vulnerable hornbeams in Hatfield Forest

We have a trio of ancient hornbeams in the forest that are being impacted by a lot of feet on their roots. Together, we can look after these special trees for future generations to enjoy.

A pollarded tree in which the trunk has split to leave a sizeable gap

Restoring wood pasture

We have a long term project to restore some of our wood pasture to its former glory, and creating some new pollards.

A commemorative tree planted in a metal tree guard by Decoy Lake

Commemorative Trees

Would you like to have a commemorative tree planted at Hatfield Forest?

A signal crayfish from the lake at Hatfield Forest

Crayfish Project

We have some unwelcome visitors to the lake which are driving out the native crayfish