50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Hinton Ampner

As autumn draws to an end and the leaves begin to fall to the ground, there are plenty of things to tick off your list this season.

The parkland and the estate are the perfect place to complete your 50 Things list. 
In the parkland see if you can catch one of the last leaves to fall from the trees and see how many of our ancient trees you can explore inside. 

Catch a falling leaf
Children running through woods kicking up leaves

Keep an eye out for animal footprints as you go and see if you can track any wild animals (number 34)
Head out to the woodlands , build a den and shelter from the elements. While you’re there have a go and making some mud pies – number 13 on your list. 

Explore the woodlands
Child building a woodland den

This is also the perfect place to make some wild art just remember not to pick anything living or still growing.

If you’re on one of our estate walks you could tick off number 45 and be the lead map reader for your group. Make a trail with sticks so that those following behind know which way you’ve gone. 

Find your way with a map and compass
Girl holding a map, obscuring her face

Now its winter there is bound to be some rain – the perfect opportunity to tick off number 6 on your list, mine how you go as the ground will be slippery. 

Run around in the rain
Boy splashing in puddles wearing wellies

If it’s cold enough the rain might turn into snow, if it does then that’s number 15 done. Don’t forget to build a snowman too.

See your snow angel take shape
Children making snow angels