50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Hinton Ampner

Spring has sprung, the birds are returning from the south and flowers are starting to bloom. Kick off your year with a new challenge: see how many of our 50 things you can tick off as the seasons change.

Follow our ancient tree trail in the parkland see how many of our ancient trees you can explore inside, completing number 22.

A veteran tree in Hinton Ampner's ancient parkland

Ancient tree trail

Our parkland is home to many ancient trees, some with rather quirky characteristics. Find out more by downloading and following this trail.

Keep an eye out for animal footprints as you go and see if you can track any wild animals (number 34)
Pick up our bird spotter sheet from Visitor Reception and go bird watching (number 44) are all the birds back from their winter holidays?

Watch a bird
Girl in field looking through binoculars
Watch a bird

Head out to the woodlands , build a den and tick off number 4 on the list. This is also the perfect place to make some wild art just remember not to pick anything living or still growing.

Explore the woodlands
Child building a woodland den
Explore the woodlands

If you’re on one of our estate walks you could tick off number 45 and be the lead map reader for your group. Make a trail with sticks so that those following behind know which way you’ve gone completing number 12 on the list.

Find your way with a map
Girl holding a map, obscuring her face
Find your way with a map

Make the most of spring showers and tick off number 6 on the list- Run around in the rain. 

Children splashing in the rain