50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4 this autumn at Hinton Ampner

There are some things on your 50 things list which can only be completed in autumn. So, put on your coats, pull on your wellies and complete some more of your list.

Run around in the rain
Visitors with umbrellas in the garden at Bateman's, East Sussex.

There will be plenty of opportunities to run around in the rain and tick off number 6 on the list. 
Build yourself a shelter from the rain in the nearby woodlands to complete number 4.

Go on one of our estate walks in early autumn and see if you can find any blackberry bushes and then tick off number 21 on the list. 

Why not take the family foraging?
A mother and daughter blackberry picking

Look up to the canopies of the trees and see how many falling leaves you can catch, completing number 33 on the list.

 In late autumn come back to see if you can find any chestnut trees on our estate to collect some conkers and have a conker fight. 

Fill your hands with conkers
Child with a handful of conkers at Castle Coole, County Fermanagh