50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4 this summer at Hinton Ampner

Children climbing a tree in the grounds of Mottisfont, Hampshire.

As the nights grow longer and the days get warmer, take up the challenge this summer and see if you can tick off more of your list.

Step out into our parkland and estate and get exploring

In the parkland, challenge your family to a hill rolling competition, ticking off number 2 on the list, climb back up to the top afterwards to tick off number 28. 

Roll down a really big hill
Girl rolling down a grassy hill
Roll down a really big hill

Number 7: Fly a kite. There are acres of land to run around in the parkland, bring a kite and see if you can catch the thermals like our local birds.

Pick up or download our ancient tree trail and see if you can look inside any of them to tick off number 22 on the list. Please don’t climb on them though as they are very old and fragile.

Winter walk at Hinton Ampner

Ancient tree trail

Our parkland is littered with ancient trees, some with rather quirky characteristics. Find out more by downloading and following this trail.

Head on out to the estate to complete even more

You can go on a really long bike ride in the woods (number 11) or bring along a compass and pick up one of our estate walks and lead the family with a map and compass completing number 45.

Why not make a trail with sticks (number 12) so you can mark where you’ve walked in case you need to retrace your steps.

Find your way with a map and compass in Knole Park, Kent.

The woodlands nearby are great for den building, mud pie making and making wild art, completing numbers  4, 13 and 18 on the list.

Make a face with sticks
Croome make a face with sticks
Make a face with sticks

Keep an eye out for animal footprints and track them to tick off number 34 on the list.