Visiting Hinton Ampner with your dog

Dog walking in winter at Ashridge Herts

Hinton Ampner is a large estate, set within the heart of the South Downs. We love dogs at Hinton Ampner so we have opened up the wider estate to dog owners to walk their four legged friends.

Where can my dog go?

We welcome dogs in most parts of the gardens on short leads. Dogs are not allowed into any of the buildings at Hinton Ampner. Assistant dogs are allowed in the cafe and shop. We provide watering bowls at the cafe and request that dogs are not left alone or tied up. We request that your god is kept under close control.

Our definition of close or effective control is:

  • Being able to recall your dogs in any situation at the first call.
  • Being able to clearly see your dog at all times (not just knowing they have gone into the
  • undergrowth or over the crest of the hill). In practice this means keeping them on a footpath if the surrounding vegetation is too dense for your dog to be visible.
  • Not allowing them to approach other visitors without their consent.
  • Having a lead with you to use if you encounter livestock, wildlife or you are

Want to stretch your legs?

We have 4 miles of trails and estate walks, including 200 hectares of woodland to explore.  All our walks begin in the ground of Hinton Ampner. We have maps available that you are welcome to take a photograph of. We are currently unable to hand out printed maps or provide dog water bowls due to the coronavirus outbreak Our parkland and estate is a fully-functioning commercial farm so dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

What do I need to be aware of at Hinton Amoner?

Canine Code – with our corporate partner Forthglade we produced the Canine Code which
includes the basic behaviour we expect from dog walkers. We encourage you to use this wherever you can as it provides a consistent message. Everyone is already overwhelmed with information –so by making it easy to recognise, we make it easier to sink in.

  • Take the lead: help reduce the chance of your pup disturbing wildlife by keeping them on a lead.
  • Scoop that poop: bag it and bin it to keep your favourite places beautiful.
  • Paws for thought: look out for information signs and take extra care on cliff paths.

Be on the ball: not everyone loves dogs, so keep them close by.

Doggie dos and dont's

To help us ensure our visitors, dogs and wildlife get along, please can you:

  • Keep your dog under control on a lead at all times
  • Pick up your dog's mess and place it in the bins provided
  • Only bring assistance dogs into our buildings
  • Avoid leaving dogs in cars on hot days
  • Dogs are welcome around our gardens but must be kept on short leads at all times.