Last chance to experience Flora Domestica in the house

This event was held in June 2019, and is now over. Check this page next year to find out details about Flora Domestica 2020.

Until Sunday 30 June, the ground floor of Hinton Ampner's house is adorned with floral displays in celebration of Flora Domestica; the art of flower arranging. The house is open every day from 11am to 3.30pm and is free to visit for National Trust members. Admission for non-members applies.

Ralph Dutton, Hinton Ampner's last owner, was a passionate garden designer and historian. He worked diligently to create an outdoor space many consider a masterpiece of 20th-century garden design, and remains the same garden visitors can see today.

However, Ralph's love for flora didn't stop outside. He was well known for creating impressive flower arrangements inside the house, complementing the Neo-Georgian interior he preferred.

In honour of this legacy, every day throughout June, Hinton Ampner's house is dressed with floral arrangements influenced by ones Ralph used to love. As you make your way through these intimate rooms, your senses will pick up on the beautiful scent, colour and structure from the various fragrant displays. A seasonal highlight will be the roses in the dining room; a favourite Ralph liked to grow in the walled kitchen garden. 

A floral arrangement as part of Flora Domestica
A floral arrangement with pinks, purples and greens
A floral arrangement as part of Flora Domestica

This year we're sourcing most of the flowers as part of the display through local businesses; however, once Flora Domestica becomes part of our annual programming, we'll begin developing our cut flower area on-site.

Roses around the garden

Roses flourish all around the garden, reaching their peak between June and August. The collection is well known for its repeat flowering, giving delicious fragrance and colour throughout the summer. The rose season actually begins at the start of May and one of the first spectacular displays is from Banksia lutea; a huge rose that covers the west of the manor house. These abundant intense yellow flowers provide a wonderful start to the rose season.

A arch of cream coloured roses in foreground with gravel path and brick wall behind

Roses all summer at Hinton Ampner 

Hinton Ampner’s new rose trail and leaflet will introduce you to the very best displays and fragrance (until 10 July). There are over 90 varieties here, known for their scent and repeat flowering. Look out for pale pink China rose Old Blush in the main border, and a waterfall of white flowers from rambler Rosa Wedding Day in the dell.