Hidden treasures of Hinton Ampner

Picture of a treasure found in the attic at Hinton AMpner

This article was regarding the 'Hidden treasures of Hinton Ampner' exhibition of 2016. This display is now finished and these items are no longer on show. You can, however, still read about these fascinating objects.

Discover some of the quirky treasures that have been hiding in the attics at Hinton Ampner for over 30 years. Following the devastating storm in February 2014, where the roof was literally ripped off, hundreds of precious items had to be moved to safety.


Rescued from the flames

The highlight of the 'Treasures on Display' at Hinton Ampner this winter is undoubtedly a folio of drawings. Drawn nearly 200 years ago by Ralph Dutton’s Grandmother Lavinia, these delicate drawings have never been on show before.  The folio obviously survived the fire that engulfed Hinton Ampner in 1960, although it must have been a close call as the pages show signs of smoke damage.

A portfolio of drawings by Lavinia Dutton
Picture of a drawing by Lavinia Dutton on display at Hinton Ampner.
A portfolio of drawings by Lavinia Dutton

Haunted house treasure

One of the oldest artefacts on display is the key to the original Tudor house at Hinton Ampner. A house reportedly so haunted it was demolished in 1793. The ghost story of Hinton Ampner was well documented by the last tenant, Mrs Ricketts., with even Sir Walter Scott writing about it. Until recently the key was the only known surviving relic from the house, however an archaeological dig in 2015 uncovered many other items that had been lost for centuries.

The key to Tudor Hinton Ampner
The key to the Tudor house at Hinton Ampner
The key to Tudor Hinton Ampner
The south front at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

Haunted house revealed near Hinton Ampner 

The foundations of a haunted house were revealed in 2014, lying just 50 yards from Hinton Ampner in Hampshire.