Late summer colour at Hinton Amnper

Planted urn in the octogan garden at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

The long summer holidays may be over, but warm sunny days linger well into September. Seize the moment and wander peacefully through this tranquil garden.

Throughout late summer, the garden is ablaze with flowers, courtesy of our collection of dahlias. Over twenty different varieties (and thousands of blooms) can be seen, some of which have been there since the 1930s. 
Dahlias create a welcome splash of colour in any garden
Pink dahlias in the border at Baddesley
Exotic heads are everywhere, from the bright yellow of ‘Moon Fire’ and the vivid orange of ‘Murdoch’ in the cool leafy Dell, to the tight pom-poms of 'White Nettie' in the Autumn border, and the deep pink petals of ‘Fascination’ in the Sunken Garden.
Discover the scent of our dahlias
Close up view of orange dahlia
Dahlias can also be seen in the walled kitchen garden where you’ll find colourful pumpkins and squashes, as well as dusky apples in mellow reds, oranges and greens, watched over by Hinton’s scarecrow and his faithful dog.
Pumpkins from Clumber Park's Kitchen Garden
Pumpkins in Clumber Park's Walled Kitchen Garden
Much of the produce grown in the kitchen garden is turned into delicious treats you’ll find in our café. Look out for seasonal produce on the menu when you next visit.