Object in Focus at Hinton Ampner

Copeland Spode tea cup

Discover what secret treasures we have in our collection. This year we will be taking a closer look at a selection of ceramics that Ralph Dutton collected and inherited.

Ralph Dutton, Lord Sherborne (1898-1985) had a passion for collecting ceramics.  His collection is so vast that we are unable to have it all on display at one time. We are delighted to be able to now exhibit some previously unseen pieces throughout the ground floor of the house.

The stunning Le Bain (‘The Bath’) by Sèvres at Hinton Ampner
Le Bain (‘The Bath’), Sèvres, France, between 1801 and 1810
The stunning Le Bain (‘The Bath’) by Sèvres at Hinton Ampner

From Sèvres to Royal Worcester, we have carefully selected ceramics that showcase the different styles, design and manufacturing processes used to produce some of the most fascinating objects in our collection.

" China, indeed, I was to find as we searched the ruins, had emerged from the ordeal far more successfully than anything made of marble."
- Ralph Dutton, Lord Sherborne (1898-1985)

Ralph travelled widely in Britain and Europe to purchase items for the house, embarking on several modern day ‘Grand Tours’, each time returning with more pieces to add to his collection. After a catastrophic fire in 1960, Ralph lovingly restored his home back to its former glory. Many of the ceramics you will see managed to survive the fire and are part of his original collection.

The exhibit runs from 2 June to 18 November 2018 without additional cost to our normal admisson price.