Silent Space at Hinton Ampner

The Dell in summer at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire

In a society that never stops, it can be hard to pause, switch off and simply take in your surroundings. Working with Silent Spaces, we want to revisit Ralph's vision in our gardens so that visitors can appreciate the sound of the wind in the trees or the gentle call of a song bird as part of their relaxation.

Ralph Dutton created a rural idyll at Hinton Ampner where a picture-perfect garden would bring peace and tranquility to all of those who visited. With gently meandering paths and planting schemes of soft and pale colours, Ralph created a soothing space to enjoy and relax in.

We encourage everyone who visits to take moment in our gardens to spend some time in silence and just take in their surroundings, just as Ralph Dutton had intended.

Relax in the peace of the Dell
Pope quote on bench at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
Relax in the peace of the Dell

Silent Spaces encourages you to completely switch off; not only your phone but your mind, and take the time to simply sit quietly and reflect.

Our gardens are perfect for a relaxing stroll or to take a seat looking out to the rolling estate. Relish the peace and quiet as you take a silent stroll through the long walk or discover our hidden gem, the dell.

The Dell is the perfect silent space to sit and reflect
The Dell at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
The Dell is the perfect silent space to sit and reflect

This tucked away ‘secret garden’ is the ideal space for quiet contemplation. Take 5 minutes just to stop and sit or stand quietly in the dell and experience the tranquility of the garden as envisaged by Ralph Dutton over 50 years ago.