The garden at Hinton Ampner

Picture of mushroom shaped topiary at Hinton Ampner

Discover the ever changing gardens at Hinton Ampner. No matter what season you visit, there is always something to see which delights and inspires. With exceptional views over the South Downs from the South Lawn, there is always something beautiful to enjoy.

Ralph Dutton, former owner of Hinton Ampner, described himself modestly as ‘not a very knowledgeable plantsman’ when he began to design the garden in the early 1930’s.  But in fact, the gardens at Hinton Ampner are an outstanding example of mid-twentieth century taste, imaginatively designed and landscaped.

In creating his idea of a rural idyll,  Ralph Dutton designed a series of tranquil garden 'rooms', each with their own distinctive identity, mixing formal and informal planting with fine vistas throughout.

" I have learnt during the past years what I want above all else from a garden: this is tranquility."
- Ralph Dutton