Summer evening entertainment at Hinton Ampner

Visit us after hours this summer and enjoy a season of lively entertainment in the stunning grounds of Hinton Ampner. Kick back and relax as we bring you a selection of fun-filled performances from dinosaurs to wartime ballads.

As the warm summer sun sets on the beautiful backdrop of Hinton Ampner, fill up your picnic hampers, dust of the picnic rug and bring all the family to visit us this summer.

Spitfire Sisters Concert

Friday 21 July, 6pm - 10pm 

Enjoy a vintage summer evening with the fabulous Spitfire Sisters, a classic '40s style, close harmony vocal trio, backed by a six piece swing band. Relax on the lawns as the sun sets over Hinton Ampner, bring a picnic and make an evening of it.

Spitfire Sisters and their band return to Hinton Ampner this summer
Spitfire Sisters and Band

Tickets: £20 Adults, £10 Children. Coaches unable to be admitted. Booking essential on 0344 249 1895 or book online

The Lost World

Saturday 5 August, 6pm - 9pm

Join Illyria for their hilarious take on Conan Doyle's classic book, with life-size dinosaurs.

Four intrepid explorers, led by the redoubtable Professor Challenger, travel to an uncharted plateau in South America following a few scant directions scribbled in a sketch book.  They find flora and fauna beyond their wildest dreams, become involved in tribal warfare between apemen and indigenous humans, and encounter terrifying dinosaurs previously believed to be extinct.  But when their camera is destroyed in an accident what evidence can they produce to prove that these creatures actually exist? Unless, of course, they bring live specimens back to London in “unbreakable” crates to reveal to an astounded public.  What could possibly go wrong? 

Enjoy Illyria's The Lost World at Hinton Ampner this September
Illyrias The Lost World

Tickets: £16 Adults, £8 Children. Booking essential on 0344 249 1895 or book online

The Comedy of Errors

Saturday 9 September, 6pm - 9pm

Illyria return to their home-turf with their unique spin on Shakespeare's classic comedy.
In the bard’s shortest, funniest and most rumbustious comedy two sets of identical twins, 
separated at birth, unknowingly end up in the same city, and through a series of chance meetings their lives and sanity begin to unravel.  More and more people are sucked into a vortex of mistaken identity including an officer who is paid per arrest, a goldsmith who hasn't been paid at all, a delayed merchant, an irate courtesan and a mad exorcist. Will anything ever make sense again?

Tickets: £16 Adults, £8 Children. Booking essential on 0344 249 1895 or book online

Watch Illyria's The Comedy of Errors at Hinton Ampner this summer
Illyria's The Comedy of Errors