The garden at Hinton Ampner

Picture of mushroom shaped topiary at Hinton Ampner

The garden at Hinton Ampner was the creation of one man and is widely acknowledged as a masterpiece of 20th-century garden design and it mixes formal and informal planting with fine vistas throughout.


The walled garden

Dating back to the Tudor house we think that the walled garden could have originally been the hop garden.
Lined with 19th-century espalier apple and pear trees, the garden is once again being used to grow a rich variety of organic fruits and vegetables. Rainbow chard and onions are some of the favourite produce our gardeners like to grow. the produce grown in the garden features in our cafe with some of the stars being summer rhubard and raspberry recipes.
A variety of flowers are also grown in the walled garden which creates a haven for bees and other insects. The early summer Allium dispays are particularly popular with our buzzy friends.
Taking scones out of the oven
Taking scones out of the oven
Taking scones out of the oven

Sunken garden

The sunken garden sits below the front lawn with delightful views over the Soth Downs. In the spring htis garden comes alive with the glorious scent and popping colours of our tulip displays. Some of our favourites include the Flaming Parrot and Huis ten Bosch.
When the season changes to summer, the garden again comes alive with the wonderful display of roses. Featuring many different varieties, perfumes and colours the display is a treat for the senses. The fish pond is also edged with one of our favourite roses: 'A lighter shade of pale'.
Visitors walking in the garden at Wallington

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