Winter in the garden at Hinton Ampner

The garden at Hinton Ampner

Discover the ever-changing garden at Hinton Ampner. No matter what season you visit, there will be something to delight and inspire. With exceptional views over the South Downs from the south lawn, the sunken garden with its lily pond and the productive walled garden, there is always something beautiful to enjoy.

Winter in the garden  

Despite the colder climes, there is still plenty to enjoy in the garden in winter, with several plants offering surprising bursts of winter colour.  

The garden is well known for its formal layout of crisp hedges and topiary. As winter takes hold, the sculpted yew and box take on a whole new look as the low winter sun creates bold shadows and the hedges glitter with crisp frosts.  

The Maiden grass Miscanthus ‘Malepartus’ rises gracefully to between six and seven feet high with its fluffy flowers gradually turning silver.  They take on a feathery texture during the winter looking almost as if they are dancing in the wind. Bright stems of ruby red Cornus and brilliant white Rubus contrast dramatically in the walled garden on the north facing wall.  

The frost makes everything beautiful even our hedges
Frost-bitten hedges at Hinton Ampner, Hampshire
The frost makes everything beautiful even our hedges

Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill'  and Chimonathus pracox fill the late winter air with unexpected fragrance and the lily pond turns into an ice palace as the temperatures drop and the pond water freezes over.  


Please note that during the winter, areas of the garden are roped off to preserve them. Wet conditions lead to water logging causing the pathways to become slippery and unsafe. Our welcome team at visitor reception will be able to guide you as to which areas are open during your visit. 

Having explored the gardens, tuck into our winter warming dishes in the café. Many of our dishes are made from produce from our walled garden, even during winter time.