Working on Hinton Ampner's roof

The roof at Hinton Ampner as it was being replaired

Some of you may have visited last year when our roof was being restored. Now we have one more bit to fix before it is all complete.

Unfortunately, after the work was finished on the main roof November 2015 a scaffolding pole was accidentally dropped directly onto the new copper leaving a round hole over the top of the bay window of Ralph Dutton’s bedroom.

Close up of the old tiles during our roofing project
Roof tiles during roofing project
Close up of the old tiles during our roofing project

This is one of the most prominent rooms in the house with all its original paintwork and wall coverings so we need to get the hole repaired quickly to make sure that it is water-tight.

So from April 11 until early May we are having the copper repaired. This includes taking the tiles off of the roof as the copper goes underneath the tiles. 

Our roof renovated with traditional materials
Close up of copper ready to be laid on roof
Our roof renovated with traditional materials

The terrace will be accessible from both sides except when the scaffolding is first going up and when it is being taken down. For your own safety we will fence the terrace off until this is finished. It should only take a few days to do this at the start and finish of the project then you can enjoy the terrace again hopefully with good weather.

If you have any questions please do call the team on 01962 771 305