Hinton Ampner's must-see collection items

Hinton Ampner is full of treasures, most of which have been painstakingly collected by just one man, Ralph Dutton. Here are some of the items not to be missed on your visit.

Susannah and the Elders, Giovanni Pellegrini

Susannah and the Elders

An early work by Venetian artist Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, it depicts an attempt by two elders to seduce a virtuous Susannah while she is bathing in a secluded spot. Pellegrini painted several versions of this scene during his life, with this one believed to have been painted circa 1708.

An 18th century perfume burner

An 18th century perfume burner

Made by Matthew Boulton around 1770, it features a Blue John vase with intricate beadwork and a pineapple finial, supported by three gilt-bronze griffins kneeling on a trefoil-shaped gilt-metal garlanded platform.

Egyptian revival urn

Egyptian revival urn

A Wedgewood vase supported by gilt Egyptian-styled griffins, mounted on a platform with repeating motif. Despite its appearance, this piece is likely to have been modelled on an earlier design.

A Shakespearean subject, Henry Fuseli

A Shakespearean subject by Henry Fuseli

Painted in oil by Fuseli, circa 1785, this roundel illustrates an elegantly dressed and behatted lady with a feather fan, reclining asleep on the ground against a rock, while the matching twin depicts Mamillius conjuring up sprites and goblins for his Mother Hermione from The Winter's Tale.