50 Things to do in the Dark Peak

There are lots of places in the Dark Peak area where you can tick of some of 50 things on your list.

Throughout February half term, the weather can easily change so here are a few ideas to get you outdoors and having fun in snow, wind, sun or rain!

# 34 track wild animals- if you are out in the snow or soggy wet mud, look out for animal tracks in gardens, woods, parks and fields. Look for the small pawprints of foxes, the long back feet of rabbits, the fatter pawprints of badgers or the three-toed prints of birds.Why not follow them and see where they've been?

#Climb a huge hill- There are lots of hills to climb in the Dark Peak area. Can you find the topograph on the top of Eccles Pike? You'll be rewarded with views in all directions and what's more you'll be able to name everything you can see wiht the help of the topograph.