Mysteries of Winnats Pass

Cavern in Winnats Pass

Myths and legends abound, of collapsed caves, miners trapped in shafts, cries for help and wailing of ghosts.

Murder in the Pass

The most famous story is of Alan and Clara, a young couple who eloped from Scotland and were brutally murdered in the Pass. Read the full story here 

Looking up to the cliffs of Winnats Pass
sunlit right grassy bank of pass and left bank in shadow
Looking up to the cliffs of Winnats Pass

The Lion of the Pass

If you look up from the bottom of the Pass to the crags high on the left, you may be able to find the lion, who has been stuck there since the ice age. His stubbornness and arrogance were his undoing, as he refused to take heed of the warnings of all the animals escaping the oncoming ice. And there he remains, King of the Pass, set in stone.  Can you spot him?