Organising outdoor events across our Peak District sites: how-to guide

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If you are thinking about running an event which crosses National Trust land in the Peak District, please use our event application system to make the process simpler.

Organising an event on National Trust land in the Peak District

*UPDATE: We support events and activities that promote people's enjoyment of the Peak District, however they need to be carefully managed so the beauty and precious habitat that people go there to enjoy are protected now and for the future. This is why all organisers of events wishing to take place in the Peak District National Park are encouraged to work with, and seek permissions from, the landowners involved.

While it has been wonderful to see people getting out into the fresh air and connecting with nature during the pandemic, over the past 12 months the Peak District has experienced a significant and sustained increase in visitors, which has put higher than normal pressure on the local environment. To mitigate the impact, this year we are limiting the size and number of organised events taking place on our land.*

The National Trust manages land covering 13% of the Peak District National Park, approximately 19,000 hectares, which is collectively known as the Peak District Portfolio. It spans across areas of the White Peak in the south, Eastern Moors (managed in Partnership with the RSPB) and Longshaw in the east and the Dark Peak in the north. The National Trust values public enjoyment of the sites we look after and the connections people make with the landscape through recreation. We are also responsible for looking after the special nature of the site, preserving the site's cultural heritage and protecting it for the benefit of wildlife. 

When organising an event in the Peak District National Park, it is essential that you seek permissions from all landowners whose land you wish to cross as well as considering the overall potential impact on other visitors, local communities, the environment and cultural heritage. The Peak District National Park has an event page on their website, you can find out more by clicking here. We are only able to work with you on the parts of your event crossing National Trust managed land in the Peak District Portfolio. If you are unsure as to what land the National Trust look after, please use our Land Map.

Making a successful event application

We support events and activities that promote people's enjoyment of the landscape. In order to give your application the highest chance of success, we suggest considering the following guidelines when preparing your event proposal:

  • use our Event Zone Maps as guidance
  • avoid going off public rights of way during ground nesting bird season - 1st March to 31st July
  • avoid breeding and hibernation sites (we can give advice on this)
  • avoid impact on archaeological features
  • avoid sensitive habitat sites such as blanket bogs and flushes
  • avoid paths/areas which are showing signs of impact e.g. Kinder Scout summit
  • avoid moorland restoration areas
  • keep all dogs on a short lead at all times
  • have a parking agreement in place and ensure parking by organisers, participants, marshals and spectators will not disrupt visitors/local residents and will not obstruct gateways
  • consider use of public transport to alleviate congestion
  • have marshals at each gateway along the route for the duration of the event to ensure gates are closed and latches replaced


Natural England consent

If you are planning to put up any structures at the event (gazebos, tents etc.),or break the ground, or if your route has the potential to damage a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) feature, there may be a need for us as the landowner, to apply to Natural England for consent for your event and offer you an Outdoor Activity Licence. We will contact you directly if this is required.

Natural England has four months to process consent applications, though they aim to process them in 28 days. If you need a guarantee for your event application to be processed within 28 days you will need to use Natural England’s Fast Track service, for which there is a charge.

Please note we will only apply to Natural England if we are confident that the event satisfies the National Trust guidelines listed above and there is time for the application to be processed. However, Natural England consent is not always successful, therefore we strongly suggest that you wait for the outcome before advertising or selling tickets to your event. Please see the Natural England guidance:

Natural England Guidance for SSSI Consent (PDF / 0.1474609375MB) download

Event Zone Maps

While planning your route please use the Event Zone Maps to guide where and at what time of year your event should cause least disturbance. Once you have prepared your mapped routes you can discuss the details with us using the application process. For more information and to download the maps please click here.

The next steps of the process

We encourage you to apply to us as early as a year in advance of the date you plan to advertise and sell tickets for your event. We appreciate this may not always be possible but ask that you do aim for at least six months prior to ticket sales. Please download our How-to guide for full details and then apply to us using the Event Application Form below.

Outdoor Events How-to guide (PDF / 1.0087890625MB) download

Event Application Form (DOCX / 0.0244140625MB) download

We look forward to working together with you to ensure your event is successful and that the special qualities of the Peak District National Park are protected. 

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