High Peak explorer checklist

Exploring the countryside requires planning to make sure your day out is safe and enjoyable

Before venturing to popular spots like Kinder, Edale and Mam Tor, make sure you are prepared before leaving home and be aware that most adventures in these areas may require you to have a visit that is self-sufficient as facilities are limited or non-existent. Planning your day ensures that you make the most of your time in the countryside and is a visit that helps to look after this incredible place for wildlife and for other people.

Check the weather forecast

The weather across the Peak District, as we all know too well, can be very unpredictable so please make sure you have packed a bag for all weathers and choose sensible and suitable footwear for exploring the great outdoors. So, whether it’s a day for sun cream and sunnies or boots and bobble hats, make sure you and the others you are with, are prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Check the weather on the Met Office website.


Much of the High Peak is open countryside, which often means that there aren't any visitor facilities, in these cases please make sure you have thoroughly researched the area you are planning to explore.

Car park: Our Mam Nick car park, located near Mam Tor, is the only National Trust car park in the High Peak. This is a very small car park and is often at full capacity by 9am on weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. We would always advise having several back up car parks when heading anywhere in the Peak District and if you find that all of them are full, please come back at another time. Where possible please walk or cycle from home to reduce congestion on the roads and to minimise your carbon footprint. When using this car park, please be aware that:

  • there are no toilets
  • no visitor centre
  • no bins - so please take all litter home with you
  • no overnight parking allowed (including motorhomes and campervans)

When the car park is full please don't be tempted to park anywhere other than designated car park spaces. Irresponsible parking on the roadside, in villages or across access points can stop emergency crews, farmers and local communities getting through, so always stick to approved parking zones. Many areas are now patrolled, and penalty notices may be issued.

For non-NT members: Please use the Pay by Phone option in Mam Nick car park, information on how to do this is on the machine. Should you encounter any signal problems when using the Pay by Phone option, you can donate to our Peak District Appeal when you get home.

NT members: For National Trust car parks across the Peak District, members park for free. We currently don't have the option for members to scan their cards to obtain a ticket in the Mam Nick car park, so please clearly display your NT members car park sticker. If you haven't received your car park sticker then please contact the central membership team - the number can be found on your card.  

How these funds help: These vital funds and NT membership help to directly support our conservation work across the Peak District, from planting trees that help to tackle climate change, to increasing the diversity in wildflower meadows

Other car parks (non NT): For all other car parks, public toilets and details of other visitor centres across the Peak District, please check the Peak District National Park Authority website.

Lunch with a view

Picnics are the ideal way to enjoy the stunning views and scenery the countryside has to offer but please remember to take all litter home with you to keep those views you love unspoilt, unpolluted and safe for wildlife and for everyone. Outdoor cooking equipment (BBQs, campfires, gas cookers/BBQs) are not permitted anywhere in the Peak District National Park, as they are a risk to public safety and the wildlife that live here.

Dogs on leads

If you're out exploring with your four legged companion it is important to keep them on a short 2m lead to keep wildlife, farm animals and other visitors safe from disturbance. Please clean up after your dog and leave no trace of their visit, accept pawprints. Thank you for taking the lead and setting a positive example to others.

Bag checklist

Pack all the necessary essentials for a day out in the countryside; water, fully charged mobile phone, hand sanitiser, torch and something to put your litter in to go back in your bag to take home. Wear clothing and footwear that is appropriate for the weather and the area you are exploring. We highly recommend walking boots and wellies for many areas of the Peak District.

Mobile phone signal

Mobile phone signal is non-existent in many areas of the Peak District National Park. If you use your phone for maps and information, please make sure to download this to your phone or take photos/screenshots of all the things you need before setting off - that way you can be prepared for your time spent in the countryside. In many areas it is advisable to have a map and compass. If you are a solo explorer, always make sure a friend or family member knows where you are going.

Looking after the places you love

In these uncertain times, the beautiful countryside of the Peak District National Park, is a place where people can pause, reflect and unwind. As a conservation charity, our incredible teams across the various National Trust Peak District sites, are working relentlessly to look after the places that we all love. We please ask that visitors be mindful, patient and considerate when visiting our outdoor properties and that everyone who visits continues to be #peakdistrictproud