Deer keeping with Dom

Every season brings beautiful changes to the 1,000 acres of Knole Park. Dom Andrews, the Knole Estate Park and Deer Keeper, talks us through the sights to look out for and how he cares for the wild deer herd and ancient estate year-round.

Dom Andrews, Park and Deer Keeper Dom Andrews Park and Deer Keeper
Fawns and foxgloves in Knole Park

Deer keeping with Dom: Spring at Knole

Spring is a beautiful time in Knole Park, as Dom talks us through the sights to look out for and what he’s working on as the weather warms.

A doe and her fawn grazing in Knole Park

Deer keeping with Dom: Summer at Knole

The park comes to life in summer with the birth of the baby fawns. Find out when you are most likely to spot them and what to look out for as they take their first steps.

Fallow deer buck prepares for rut at Charlecote Park in autumn

Autumn rut at Knole

Catch up with Dom, Knole's Park and Deer Keeper, as the parkland changes colour and the rutting season begins. Expect to hear the clash of antlers and bellowing mating calls as the bucks are fully grown and testosterone runs high for prime position in Knole Park.

A chilly morning for the deer at Knole

Deer keeping with Dom: Winter at Knole

The deer have grown their thick winter coats and full antlers by December. During the coldest months, Dom lays deer feed in the park every day to make sure the herd gains weight and the bucks don’t lose condition after the rut.