Art at Lacock

With a past that is ever present, Lacock provides the backdrop to contemplative but inspirational artworks. Internationally and nationally renowned artists such as Mat Collishaw, Siobhan McDonald, Anita Corbin and Heinrich & Palmer, have interacted with the landscape to create site specific permanent works which harmonise with the setting.

The gallery at the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock

The photographic gallery at the Fox Talbot Museum

The photographic gallery upstairs from the Fox Talbot Museum shows three temporary exhibitions per year.

A series of art inspired by Lacock and the theme of peace

'Peace' at Lacock Abbey

Commissioned art installations programmed within the abbey grounds explore the theme of 'peace' from a contemporary perspective.

One of the watercolours in the collection at Lacock Abbey

The Watercolour Project

Within the Lacock Abbey collection, acquired in 2009, are over 2,000 watercolour paintings. Painted largely by the wife, daughters and son of William Henry Fox Talbot, the watercolours are of high quality and provide an insight into the lives of the family, the time that they lived and their travels across the world.

Little Gallery at the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock

Little Gallery at the Fox Talbot Museum

Little Gallery at the Fox Talbot Museum is a new space set within the museum itself. To either highlight the main exhibition program or for exhibitions linked to technique and experimentation, this space is worth keeping your eyes on.