The Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock

Lacock's most famous owner made many contributions to scholarship but the museum in his honor celebrates his world-changing breakthroughs in photography.

A visitor looks at the display in the Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock in Wiltshire

Fox Talbot Museum

The Fox Talbot Museum explores the history of photography, housing a collection spanning photographic developments up to the present day.

From the series 'Till Death do us Part'

John Paul Evans at the Fox Talbot Museum

'What is lost...what has been' a photography exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum gallery by John Paul Evans

A Kodak no 2. Bulls-eye box camera with leather case; c.1900.

The Fenton Collection

Discover how the Fenton Collection, a historic photographic collection of international significance, has found a home at the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock.