The Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock

Lacock's most famous owner made many contributions to scholarship but the museum in his honor celebrates his world-changing breakthroughs in photography.

Early photograph of William Henry Fox Talbot who owned Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire

A window into photographic history

The Fox Talbot Museum explores the history of photography, while the South Gallery at the abbey reveals the famous oriel window.

From the series 'Till Death do us Part'

John Paul Evans at the Fox Talbot Museum

'What is lost...what has been' a photography exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum gallery by John Paul Evans

A Kodak no 2. Bulls-eye box camera with leather case; c.1900.

The Fenton Collection

Discover how the Fenton Collection, a historic photographic collection of international significance, has found a home at the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock.