Coast and countryside around Levant Mine

We have the Atlantic Ocean knocking at our doorstep so bring your walking shoes and come and explore the coast path. Habitats are diverse and range from the open ocean and steep cliffs to heathland and a patchwork of small ancient granite-walled fields. Nearby Cape Cornwall and the headlands of Botallack and Kenidjack are good lookouts for basking sharks and sociable family groups of dolphins.

Across the cliffs

From the beginning of spring and throughout summer the clifftops become alive with vibrant colour. Hedgerows are transformed by the colours of flowering sea campion, thrift, thyme, scabious and centaury, attracting many butterflies and moths.

Even the mine waste provides micro-habitats for animals and specialised plants and lichen.

Well choughed

A county wide effort has seen the gradual reappearance of the Cornish chough, the symbolic bird of Cornwall. This rare and beautiful bird left our shores over 50 years ago but careful conservation of their habitats is now seeing their return.

Be inspired

Many artists come to St Just and the surrounding coast and countryside for inspiration and it’s not hard to see why. This ever-changing landscape is an artistic treasure trove; why not bring your sketchbook and have a go yourself, or create your own Andy Goldsworthy-inspired transient art sculpture using rocks near Levant's arsenic calciner?