Making the most of your visit to Levant

View of Levant Mine & Beam Engine

Book a guided tour to see the engine steaming, or go bird spotting. What will you discover at Levant?


Pre-booked tours

Pre book a guided tour to enjoy a great experience. Walk the stunning coastal path from Geevor, following in the footsteps of those who mined this land. Gain an insight into the community who lived and worked in what would become an amazing World Heritage site. When you visit you'll be able to see the only steaming beam engine in the world and learn all about  Levant's history, including a visit down the Man Engine tunnel where 31 men tragically lost their lives in 1919. 


Engine house

At the heart of the site is the 1840s beam engine, which was lovingly restored by members of the Greasy Gang. When you visit you'll see the engine steaming and experience the sights and sound of the past.


Mining remains

The Levant site is extensive. As part of the guided tour you'll be able to take in the views looking down into the zawn, see the winder house built by Geevor mine in the 1960s and see the skip shaft as well as the engine house and pump engine house.

After your tour, be sure to take a walk around the remains of compressor house, stamps and what's left of the count house to get a feel for how big and busy Levant Mine was in its heyday. If you feel like going further, why not walk up to Higher Bal which was acquired by the mine in 1877.



There are lots of great opportunities for bird spotting at Levant. Choughs, peregrine falcons and kestrels can often be seen flying round the old engine houses. Take a walk up to Levant Fields to see the newly planted spring barley that is providing important food for these farmland birds.


The Tin Coast

If Levant has whet your appetite, be sure to visit the rest of the Tin Coast. It is just a short walk from Levant to Botallack, where you can see the iconic Crowns Engine Houses clinging to the foot of the cliffs. Venture further to Cape Cornwall, known as the connoisseur’s Land's End.