Parking for Levant Mine

Parking for Levant Mine and Beam Engine is at Geevor Mine. When you visit for your pre-booked tour we ask that you park at Geevor mine, a quarter of a mile up the coast from Levant. Walk the stunning coastal paths, following in the footsteps of those who worked and lived here and see the remains that are testament to the industry of this mining landscape.

When you come for your  pre- booked tour at Levant Mine and Beam Engine we ask you to please park at Geevor Tin Mine, Pendeen, TR19 7EW.

Parking is free and the car park is open until 5pm. The walk, part of the South West coastal path, is around ¼ mile and should take around 15-20 minutes. The terrain can be uneven, please make sure to wear the appropriate footwear.

When you park at Geevor, walk towards the reception building (there's no need to go in), go left past the welcome entrance and you will see the signpost for Levant Mine. Follow the arrow, go past the large metal gate and down the hill and turn left at the next signpost. Please click on the link below to view the detailed map that shows the recommended walking route between Geevor and Levant.

Levant walking route Please use this map

Your visit to Levant begins with this walk.  As you follow the path you will see the remains of a once dominant and prosperous industry. Following the path from Geevor allows you to experience the scale of the copper and tin mining that stretched, for many miles, along the Cornish coastline. From here you can begin to imagine how this landscape would have looked in the past. As you follow the path from Geevor, the rust red earth in front of you an allusion that the remains of the mine are more than just buildings.

From this russet landscape, turn right towards the sea to reach the chimney stack with a towering brick top. It stands in splendid isolation, it's engine and boiler house long gone. From here, Levant with its granite engine houses, will come into view. Follow the path wending gently down to the site where your tour will begin in the white winder house.

Levant and Geevor work together, sharing visitors as well as car parking. This benefits the local community as Geevor has a large car park and easy vehicle access. The Tin Coast has a partnership of local businesses, charities and community groups that work together to promote sustainable tourism – you can find out more here

If you do need to park closer to Levant please ring 01736 786156 to talk to a member of the team who will be able to help.