Things to see and do at Levant

Levant was known as 'the mine under the sea' with undersea levels stretching over a mile. The stories of the men, women and children who worked here are waiting to be uncovered. The 1840 beam engine which raised the copper and tin ore has been restored and still runs on steam today.

Levant sits nestled in the cliffs looking out across the Atlantic Ocean with its 1840 beam engine still running on steam in its original engine house. Ruins of the industry that defined Cornwall in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries lie all around and stories of the mine and those who worked here are brought to life by our tour guides. You can hear the clink of hammers on the cliff-top dressing floor as children break the copper ore with bal maiden's hammers.

Not to be missed:

  • The sounds and smells of the historic beam engine in action
  • A free guided tour of the site
  • Ore-breaking on the copper-dressing floor
  • A glimpse of the man-engine shaft at the end of the underground tunnel
  • The short film about Levant's underground
  • The views of the Atlantic from the cliffs

The tunnel to man-engine shaft

In the building above the tunnel (the 'dry') the miners changed into their underground clothes before descending the spiral staircase and walking through the tunnel to the man-engine which lowered them 600m into the depths of the mine.

Arsenic works and Dressing Floors Walk

Enjoy a 1km walk around the surface workings where the ores were processed to extract the valuable minerals. The ruined buildings and structures offer a fascinating glimpse into the past for children and adults to explore.

The Count House

Explore the ruined walls, fireplaces and segments of coloured tiled floors that mark the site of what was once a grand building that housed the mine offices and boardroom. Step into the office of Major White, purser for 40 years and one of Levant's great characters.


Do you like a treasure hunt with a breath of fresh air? We have the perfect setting for a high tech hunt. Come and try your hand at geocaching, an exciting outdoor adventure for the whole family. It’s a treasure hunt for the digital generation, where you can enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places. At reception we have several GPS devices which you can use to set off on a trail around the site on the search of minerals, bugs and buildings.

Can you complete the 50 things challenge?

Start your 50 things challenge at Levant by finding your way with a map and compass, going bird watching, bug hunting and wild art. Need more inspiration? Check out our Coast and Countryside page to see how else you can get back to nature at Levant.

Borrow an Explorer Pack

Try these 50 Things activities at Levant:
  • Bug hunting - Use the bug pot to examine creepy crawlies around the site, be sure to put them back though.
  • Treasure map - Draw and colour your own treasure map and use the compass to find which way is north.
  • Sea and sky chart - What can you see out to sea and in the sky? Use the mini binoculars to spot animals.
  • Rock rubbings - Make a rock rubbing, find an interesting rock and get creative with crayons.

What's on

Discover more about Levant and the surrounding coastal area with walks and talks, evening tours and storytelling - there's something for everyone.

Dogs welcome

Bring your pooch for a mooch. Dogs on leads are welcome in all outdoor areas of the site.