Celebrating Capability Brown in the East of England

Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of this great landscape designer...

Capability Brown portrait

Who was Lancelot 'Capability' Brown? 

2016 marks the 300th anniversary of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, one of the UK's most celebrated landscape gardeners. Find out more about the man who helped define our image of the English landscape.

Wimpole Folly

Brown's connection with Wimpole 

'Capability' Brown is responsible for one of the beautiful areas of Wimpole's parkland, which has an extraordinary folly in the form of a ruined castle at its heart.

View across the lake at Hatfield Forest, bathed in autumn sunshine

Capability Brown's connection at Hatfield Forest 

We have recently uncovered exciting evidence that Capability Brown prepared a small scheme for altering the lake and lakeside area.

Detail from the Suffolk East Embroiderer's Guild topairy and temples banner

Brown's connection at Ickworth 

The detail of Capability Brown's connection at Ickworth is still a little sketchy. Find out what we do know and what the Embroiderers' Guild have been up to, to mark his 300th birthday.

A visitor looks at one of nine three metre high structures, which are part easel and part viewing glass.

Scene: a new way of looking 

Inspired by Brown’s landscape, we've been working with NEON on a contemporary art installation that will make you look at a series of picturesque views, or scenes in a new way.

taken from video

Summer celebrations at Hatfield Forest 

We will be celebrating the anniversary of 'Capability' Brown at Hatfield Forest with a series of events, including special Capabili-Tea's, guided walks and a "Big Brown Bash" conservation day.

" I wish my journey may prove of use to the place, which if it should, it will be very flattering to me. Nature has been truly bountiful and art has done no harm."
- Lancelot 'Capability Brown'