Summer fun in the North West

Summer is one of our favourite times of year with endless opportunities to explore and so much fun to be had at our North West places. From carnival carryings-on, the chance to try out some of the worst children's jobs in history and even a fairy-filled forest, small and big kids alike are guaranteed a memorable day out!

Child exploring the outdoors in summer

Enchanting days for elves and fairies at Speke Hall 

A spell has been cast on the grounds of Speke Hall! Follow our family forest trail to discover a fairy landscape inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream. Listen out for mysterious sounds of the fairy kingdom and your keep eyes peeled for mischievous fairies...

The Worst Children's Jobs in History (at Quarry Bank!) logo

Trouble at mill with the Worst Children's Jobs

School might be out, but there's still plenty of work to do at Quarry Bank. Follow in the footsteps of the Gong Scourers, Mole Catchers, Piecers and Bird Scarers this summer and find out exactly what kids had to put up with to earn a day’s wages in the past with our interactive exhibition and activities.

Building adventures at Lyme in 2017

A bricktastic adventure awaits

Over 20,000 LEGO© bricks have been used to tell the story of Lyme's greatest adventurer - Thomas Legh. Explore Lyme to find trains, a crocodile, camels and even some familiar buildings made from LEGO© bricks, with the chance to make your own creation.

Dunham Lost Carnival 3 Summer 2017

Step right up for carnival fun at Dunham Massey

The Lost Carnival is in peril, and needs your energy to keep it alive, and to bring two star-crossed lovers together. You can expect a trail filled with high-energy performance, challenges, and an unusual carnival reality.

A family looking out of a leaded window at Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

Travel back to Tudor times

This charming little crooked house, surrounded by a duck-filled moat and friendly sheep, invites families to step back in time this summer. Tudor-themed games, a sleep trail and the chance to discover life as a Tudor child will have you feeling like a person from the past in no time.