Discover bluebells at Longshaw

Bluebells in the woods

You'll need to explore a bit further afield to find bluebells at Longshaw. Let us help you find them! The best time of year for bluebells is mid-April to late May.

Hay Wood is the best place to find bluebells on the Longshaw Estate.  Follow our bluebells and flycatchers walk to enjoy the best of spring at Longshaw.

The walk takes about three hours starting and finishing outside Longshaw cafe.  If that seems like too much of a commitment for you, we recommend parking at Haywood car park instead and exploring Hay Wood.

Located just down the hill from the Grouse Inn, (110/119: SK255777), Haywood car park is a quiet spot to start your bluebell wander.  From the car park, take the footpath that heads downhill and explore the woods, looking for bluebells and other spring flowers.