Supporting our Peak District Appeal: donate today

Tree planting at High Peak Estate, Derbyshire

Our Peak District Appeal is one that is close to our hearts and the people that live in and visit the Peak District. Find out more about how you can help support our Woods for the Future project so that our rangers and volunteers can continue to provide a haven for wildlife and a space for visitors to reconnect to nature.

We are very fortunate to have access to such beautiful and dynamic landscapes like the Peak District and in 2019 we took a closer look into the people that fought for that access with the People’s Landscapes Project. We are humbled by the great efforts and sacrifices that people undertook, so that they could enjoy fresh air and walk freely through the countryside, we must now honour their past efforts by remembering that we are all responsible in looking after the places that we love. In order to best prepare our woodlands to face the challenges of climate change and diseases like ash dieback, we rely on the support of the people that are passionate about visiting the Peak District to help us look after these special places. There are lots of ways you can get involved to help raise vital funds for the places you love...

The threatened ash woods of the White Peak
Two rangers standing in the White Peak ash woodlands
The threatened ash woods of the White Peak

Fundraising for the places you love

For 125 years, people like you have played their part in protecting and caring for many of the UK's best-loved places. Thanks to your support, we now look after some of the Peak District's most beautiful and precious landscapes and woodlands, for everyone, for ever.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a sharp and sustained drop in our income. This threatens our conservation work at a time when access to nature, wildlife and green spaces is needed more than ever.

In our 125th anniversary year, we’ve gathered lots of ideas for you to safely fundraise for your 125 challenge. Your support is needed now more than ever before to care for the precious woodlands, habitats and wildlife of the Peak District so everyone can enjoy them during the pandemic and beyond.

How will you take on the 125 challenge to raise £125 to help protect the irreplaceable in 2020? Will you make your miles count by walking or running for us? Maybe your friends and family are sponsoring you to read 125 books this year? Or are you and your family raising money by growing 25 new plants in your garden?

Whatever you love to do, there's plenty of ways you can fundraise at home for those special places in the Peak District you care about.

For more inspiration and ways to get started, head to our central fundraising page for more information.

Run and raise funds at the same time for the places you love
Run and raise funds at the same time for the places you love
Run and raise funds at the same time for the places you love



Our donation page

If you head to our Peak District Appeal page (found below), you can make a one-off donation for as much as you are able, at any time of the year. £10 will help cover the costs for a tree sapling, guard and stake. You can also head to our 'Dedicate a donation' page and search for Longshaw, Kinder, Edale and the Dark Peak or Ilam Park and donate to one of our places that means something to you or a friend or family member.

Countryside Manager Ted planting trees
Countryside Manager Ted planting trees
Countryside Manager Ted planting trees

By raising funds that will help us to plant more trees across the Peak District, you will be helping our ranger teams to create more homes for a diverse range of wildlife, reducing flooding by bringing thousands of native broadleaf trees back to the moorland valleys and supporting our new native tree nursery at Longshaw that will help us to produce locally grown trees to replant in our places and make our woodlands more resilient and better for wildlife.

Thank you from all of us who love the Peak District and want to care for it so that future generations can walk through diverse woodlands rich in trees and wildlife.

A family walking through the woods at Longshaw

Peak District Appeal Woods for the Future 

Our rangers and volunteers are working hard to care for over 1000 hectares of threatened and special woodland. Together, we can create the Peak District's woods for the future