Longshaw Experience Design Project

Architects drawings of proposed woodland walk

We are excited to be working on a programme of improvements at Longshaw that will make your visits more enjoyable.

An update for our visitors so far.....In 2015, we provided a better welcome with an enlarged main car park. In 2017, we opened a new short pathway giving access to the woodlands in between the car park and back drive. In 2018, we finished building a new workshop so the Rangers can store machinery away from the visitor areas. We also installed our welcome building in the main car park, which is proving popular and allows us to provide information to our visitors and in turn they share the highlights of their days out with us.

At the moment, we’re building a new home for our electricity substation, which you might be able to see from the back drive. This project will also create a ramped access into the Kitchen Garden in time for summer and relocate our office to free up space for our café development.

Early in 2019, we gained planning approval for our café development. We’re now working on the detailed design and are hoping to start building it in 2020.

We thank you for your on going support through this development chapter of life at Longshaw.

Latest updates

31 Jan 19

Project Cafe Extension is underway!

We are thrilled to have been granted planning approval for our café project! The plans include an extension to the café, more toilets, outdoor covered seating and a kiosk. This year, we’ll be working on the detailed design and getting the project out to tender. The photo you see is a virtual mock up to give our visitors an idea of what the final outcome might look like. The team are working incredibly hard to ensure we can improve the visitor welcome at Longshaw - well done team and thanks to all our visitors for all their support and patience.

A virtual mock up of our Cafe extension

27 Oct 18

An improved visitor welcome

We have now officially opened the doors of the new Welcome Building to visitors, just in time for some October half term Halloween fun. We look forward to giving everybody a friendly welcome to Longshaw. Pop in and have a look around when you come to visit.

Our shiny new Welcome Building is complete - pop in for a look.

28 Sep 18

The building has landed!

Today was very exciting, as our new Welcome Building arrived by truck and was lifted into place by a huge crane. We were lucky to have fantastic weather for this. Over the next few weeks it will be clad in timber and fitted out inside. We’ll be ready to open for the October half term.

The Building has landed!