Plant and woodwork sales at Marsden Moor

Plants for sale at Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Browse a selection of home-grown plants and hand-made woodwork and help care for our fantastic moorland landscape.

All of the plants available for sale have been lovingly grown and tended to by volunteers, to help care for the 2300 hectares of moorland that makes up the Marsden estate.

When can I visit the plant sale?

The plant sales are every Friday from 25th March 2022, 10am until  2:30pm.

We also have sales on Sunday 5 June, and Sunday 3 and 31 July.

The sales are held in our yard behind the National Trust Marsden Moor office, at the Old Good's Yard, HD76DH,

What can I buy?

There's a range of plants for sale; from shrubs to grasses, bulbs to herbs, perennials to house plants, there's something to suit most gardens. Our woodwork volunteers also sell a selection of hand made planters, troughs and window boxes - perfect for even the smallest gardens. They also make bird boxes, hedgehog houses and seed trays - which all make great gifts.

Pick up planters, seed trays, troughs and trugs at our plant sales.
A wooden basket or trug for carrying cuttings
Pick up planters, seed trays, troughs and trugs at our plant sales.

How do I pay and where does the money go?

We accept payment in cash and on card (including contactless). All the money raised from the plant sales will help the rangers continue their work restoring the moors after a series of fires over the last two years, as well as reducing future fire risk and helping wildlife to thrive. 

Many of the plants are grown from cuttings
A volunteer checks on lots of green plants on a sunny day
Many of the plants are grown from cuttings

Can I get advice on which plants to buy?

Our plant group are passionate about the plants they grow and can give you advice on which plants are best for your garden. Throughout the year, our plant group volunteers look after garden plants all year round to ensure that there's a great selection of healthy plants available to buy.

Can I volunteer for the plant group?

Our plant group meet from March until October to help grow new plants and run the plant sales. If you're interested in volunteering please email