Survey Group Volunteering at Marsden Moor

Two men take measurements from a dipwell against a moorland backdrop

Our survey group volunteers meet regularly to survey and monitor the moorland. The research they carry out helps us to identify some of the most important ecological issues affecting Marsden Moor.

Monitoring plants and animals

Where can we find the important plants and animals on the moorland? Are they species of special interest? Are they under-represented in the area? These are the kind of questions our group of survey volunteers try to find the answers to so they can contribute to the Landscape Outdoors and Nature (LON) monitoring schemes for plants, birds, butterflies and bats.


Measuring peat depths on Marsden Moor

Finding out how deep the peat is on Marsden Moor can help us understand more about how it formed and what plants used to grow here. The survey group are also carbon dating samples to find out more about the history of the moor.

Measuring peat depths

In collaboration with Leeds University and Yorkshire Water, the survey group systematically measures the depth of the peat on White Moss and Birk Moss. Their findings help us to  assess how big the peat resource is, since peat bog performs an essential role in reducing flood risk and is an important nature conservation resource.

Reviewing the growth of sphagnum
Several Members of Marsden Moor  Survey Group looking at sphagnum implants on the moor
Reviewing the growth of sphagnum

Collecting data for land management

The group regularly downloads data collected by instruments set up on Dan Clough Moss as part of the Environmental Monitoring Scheme (EMS). The data is then processed by Moors for the Future to give a wide-ranging regional picture. Collecting data in this way is one of the ways to find how the changing climate is affecting the moor and to find out the best way to manage the land for biodiversity.

How many volunteers does it take to fix a fence?
Volunteers and rangers fix a large gate
How many volunteers does it take to fix a fence?