A picnic at Morden Hall Park

Family picnicing in Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park is the perfect place for a picnic. Between the wide open spaces and traditional wildflower meadows of the South Park, the pretty Rose Garden and the tranquil wetland boardwalk you’ll be spoilt for choice. All we ask is that you take your litter away with you and leave your BBQs at home.

Help us look after this lovely place

We aim to cut the meadows once a year to help wildflowers flourish, so you can enjoy the contents of your picnic basket surrounded by a profusion of tiny blooms in the summer months.

Eat and play to your hearts’ content, the only thing we ask is that you don’t bring BBQs or gazebos with you for use in the park and that you help our Ranger team by taking your litter home with you.

Make discoveries in the meadow at Morden Hall Park
Father and small children blow on a dandelion in the meadow at Morden Hall Park, London
Make discoveries in the meadow at Morden Hall Park

Family fun

If it’s a big family picnic you’re planning, you can take to the South Park, where there’s all the space you need for everyone to sit and relax or play Frisbee and football to while away the time. Do let us know in advance of your visit if you are bringing a large group on 020 8545 6850.

Smelling the roses

Created in the 1920s, Mr Hatfeild’s Rose Garden is now looking more like the original, with the reinstated pergola and some truly old-fashioned, fragrant varieties of rose. At its best from mid-June to mid-July, the Rose Garden can often still be in flower into the autumn. It’s a delightful place at all times of the year with a stream trickling through it.

Enjoy the sights and smells of the Rose Garden
The pergola in Morden Hall Park's Rose Garden framed by roses.
Enjoy the sights and smells of the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a mixture of the old and the new with its heritage varieties of rose and the modern organic management techniques used to manage it. One such technique is adding mycorrhizal fungi to the root systems as we plant the roses, which makes for healthier and longer-lived plants.

Wetland wonders

The wetland boardwalk allows you to get up close and personal with wetland flora and fauna as you munch your lunch. You might be lucky enough to spot our resident kingfisher or a surfacing newt if you’re mousy quiet with your crisps.

On the platform in the middle of the boardwalk there are benches for you to get comfy on. Look at the plaques for tips on what you might catch a glimpse of, and why not climb up to see what you can spot from the elevated viewing platform.

Sit and munch your sandwiches among the wildlife
Wetland boardwalk at Morden Hall Park
Sit and munch your sandwiches among the wildlife

If you look towards Morden from the boardwalk you'll see the hedge-laying we've been doing to create a more robust and longer-lasting hedgerow by encouraging new growth, and which will also act as a wildlife corridor. Hedge-laying is a traditional skill practiced throughout the UK, and over the centuries distinct local styles have developed. We use the South of England style at Morden Hall Park.

Wander the Wandle

Cool, shady picnic spots are easy to find beside the tree-lined River Wandle as it meanders its way through Morden Hall Park under the iconic white bridge and past Morden Hall and the Snuff Mill. There are picnic benches near to the Stableyard, or settle yourselves on the beautiful Morden Hall lawn opposite the white bridge.

Enjoy the riverside! It's tempting to paddle in the river when it's so hot, but we don't encourage swimming or paddling in the water in Morden Hall Park as, though we do our best, we can't guarantee it's safe.

Have you met the cheeky heron?
A heron at Morden Hall Park
Have you met the cheeky heron?

Our cheeky heron might visit you. If he does, keep those sandwiches under wraps and remember not to feed the ducks and geese bread – it’s like junk food to them and means they don’t eat enough nutritious river grub.  You can get special wild duck food from the Garden Centre if the little ones want to feed the wildfowl.

Rain, rain go away

Morden Hall Park has plenty of indoor spaces open year-round. So if the weather takes a turn for the worse you can pack away your soggy blanket and head for the warm, dry garden centre, Potting Shed Cafe or the Stableyard where there's a cafe, gallery and secondhand bookshop. If you'd like to learn a bit more about the estate there's also a history exhibition in the Snuff Mill's Kiln Room.