Autumn colour at Morden Hall Park

View down the avenues across the white bridge in the autumn

Crisp autumnal days are the perfect time to visit Morden Hall Park. The historic avenues are planted with limes and horse chestnuts and become a riot of colour crisscrossing the park as the weather changes.

With so much open space to roam, the former deer park is a breath of fresh air just metres away from Morden high street. Come for an autumn walk, bring the little ones for some autumn fun, or take a much-needed break from your work day.

Autumn fun in the park
mother and child playing with autumn leaves
Autumn fun in the park

Autumn colour at its best

Here at Morden Hall Park autumn is also a time for taking stock and keeping trees healthy and looking their best. The Parks and Gardens team conduct an annual tree survey at this time of year, while the leaves are still on the trees, to identify trees with problems. Once problems are identified, tree cutting can be planned in now that birds have finished nesting.

Stunning specimen trees

If you know where to look, there are some impressive individual trees to admire as their leaves turn gold in September and October.

Seek out the Gingko biloba and hornbeam in the rose garden, look out for an Acer cappadocicum on the left as you approach Phipps Bridge from the north end of the park and try spotting unusual swamp cypresses (Taxodium distichum), a deciduous conifer, on the white bridge lawn.

Crunch through fallen leaves on misty river walks
River Wandle running through Morden Hall Park in autumn
Crunch through fallen leaves on misty river walks

Misty mornings

Autumn brings a new beauty to Morden Hall Park, when mists hang over the river and wetland on bright, chilly mornings. Head onto the boardwalk as the sun rises to discover delightful misty moments full of wetland wildlife.

In mid-September the Parks and Gardens team start draining the wetland to get it ready for cutting in October. As a man-made habitat the wetland has to be cut periodically to stop it gradually growing over and becoming woodland. It’s cut on a rotational basis, one section each year, to allow wetland animals to continue to live in the area. We’re looking for volunteers to help with wetland cutting, so if that sounds like something you would be interested in, get in touch:

Warm up and feel good

Morden Hall Park is open to everyone throughout the year for free. Our cafes and garden centre help us raise money to keep the park looking splendid. Every coffee you drink and gift you buy helps look after this lovely place.

Kitchen utensils and hardware at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Gifts and homeware 

If you’re looking for a present for someone close, look no further. At Morden Hall Park Garden Centre we stock a broad array of quality gifts, as well as books, foods, and household items. When those seasonal holidays roll around, we'll be right here.