Christmas trees at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Christmas trees in the snow

Pick out your perfect tree at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre. We're stocking four types of tree this year, all carefully grown to make the best of each species. All Christmas trees have been held at last year's prices. Free local delivery on fresh trees.

Our cut trees are due to arrive by 25 November, our pot grown trees in the week commencing 12 November and our wreaths and foliage by 2 December. If you plan to buy your tree or wreath from Morden Hall Park Garden Centre around these dates please check they have arrived before you set out by phoning: 020 8648 9755.

Choose your perfect tree

  • Norway Spruce is a traditional Christmas tree with a lovely fragrance
  • Blue Spruce has good needle retention and a symmetrical form
  • Nordmann Fir has soft, luxuriant, glossy foliage and great needle retention
  • Fraser Fir branches turn slightly upward. It has good form and needle-retention and a pleasant scent.

UK-grown and expertly tended

Our Christmas trees have been grown using traditional farming methods and are hand-pruned and tended over several years before harvesting at just the right time to ensure peak condition and freshness.


Our pot-grown trees are ideal for growing on after Christmas. They can planted out in the ground or kept in their pots, just remember to keep them watered and fed regularly during spring and summer months. Potted trees can be brought indoors for next Christmas, just keep them watered and remember they prefer somewhere cool.

Our Christmas trees are all UK grown
A Christmas tree farm
Our Christmas trees are all UK grown


For a charity dedicated to the environment it’s important that we are moving away from peat use towards more sustainable practices. If you want to stop using peat, why not come and shop at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre? Our potted Christmas trees, as with all our plant stock, are peat-free.

Care tips

Once you’ve got your tree home cut 2 or 3cm from the stump, straight across, using a handsaw. It’s easier than you think and helps the tree take up moisture, like trimming cut flowers. Then place the tree in a stand that holds water and generously water the tree every day. It can drink up to two litres daily, depending on room temperature.


Why not let us take the strain? We offer a free local delivery service for each fresh Christmas tree purchased, subject to availability, just speak to a member of staff.