Corporate Volunteering Days at Morden Hall Park

Volunteers clearing undergrowth with rakes and one volunteer holding loppers and looking on

Come and join the Morden Hall Park team working outdoors with your colleagues to conserve the parkland, wetlands, meadows and rose garden for future generations.

" Good team building opportunity; nice to get out of the office and do something practical where you can see the end result."
- Department for Communities and Local Government

Team building

Participants in this well-established volunteer programme regularly comment on how beneficial they have found their day as a team building activity.

Experienced National Trust staff are on hand to help and give advice so that you and your colleagues can focus on enjoying your day's work away from the office.

Three volunteers working together to sink a post
Three volunteers working together to sink a post
Three volunteers working together to sink a post

Looking after green spaces

The National Trust relies on volunteers to achieve its mission of looking after special places, forever, for everyone. By giving one day of your year you can become a vital part of taking care of beautiful parklands and gardens in this corner of south west London.

Activities vary according to the seasons and may include: removal of invasive species from the river, traditional hedge laying, coppicing, potting up dahlias and reed cutting and clearance in the wetlands.

Book now

We have volunteering opportunities for corporate groups available during the week. Contact the Morden Hall Park team on or call the property office on 020 8545 6850 to make your booking.

" I was glad to be able to get involved in an activity to provide my support, whilst enjoying a day with colleagues outdoors."
- Standard Charter Bank