Exploring Morden Hall Park

View of Morden Hall park with white bridge in background and weir in foreground

Don’t miss out on seeing some of our favourite spots in the park. Pause to enjoy the sounds of the rushing river or spot wildlife in the wetlands. Admire the views across the bridges to the historic buildings or be inspired by our beautiful historic rose garden.

Picturesque views

Rain or shine the park always looks inviting and magical especially if you get here early in the morning before everyone else. Many of the buildings are not open to the public as they are tenanted to raise valuable income for the park.  Here are some of our favourite spots you won’t want to miss:
  • Look back from the white bridge to the restored waterwheel
  • Peer over the folly bridges to see Morden Hall
  • Watch the sun come up over the meadows on a cold winter’s morning

Historical Buildings

Spot all the old estate buildings that made up the Hatfeilds’ country estate. Morden Hall sits majestically in its own private garden, the white bridge tempting you to get a little bit closer.  Morden Cottage, set perfectly in Mr Hatfeild’s rose garden, boasts fond memories of many registry office weddings. Our restored stable yard welcomes you inside to discover our exhibition centre hosting a changing programme of community exhibitions.

Admire the rose garden

Our 2.5-acre garden is perfect for relaxing with friends and family. From late May until early September, wander around the 38 flowerbeds and take in the wonderful scent of roses and dahlias. The garden was the pride and joy of the last owner Mr Hatfeild who spent many a summer’s evening deadheading roses.
Spot our team of volunteer gardeners doing the same now. Bring a picnic to our open air theatre or cinema in the summer and settle down amongst the roses.

The River Wandle

Once powering over 100 mills, the Wandle meanders throughout the park.  Our restored waterwheel gives a glimpse back to the park’s industrial history. The wheel no longer turns, but behind it you can see our modern waterwheel, a hydro-electric turbine. Enjoy the sounds of the rushing water over the weir, race your sticks under the many historic bridges or simply explore the channels that network around the park.
For a longer walk, follow the Wandle Trail to the Thames passing Merton Abbey Mills or up to its source in historic Carshalton village.   

Watching wildlife

At the north end of the park discover the wetlands fed by the Wandle. Watch and listen for a variety of wildlife visitors from the squawk of the invading green parakeets to the blue flash of our native kingfishers. See waterfowl such as mallards, herons and seasonal visitors including the little egret.