Gardening supplies at Morden Hall Park

Get gardening supplies at Morden Hall Park

At Morden Hall Park Garden Centre, we have a wide array of tools and equipment. Ranges in this section cover seed planting and propagation, garden tools, plant watering devices, garden care chemicals, fencing, and aggregates. We stock brands such as Wolf, Hozelock, Evergreen, and Miracle Grow.

Garden tools

If you're breaking ground we have all the trowels, forks, spades, rakes, and hoes you would expect. There are also plenty of scissors, secateurs, shears, loppers, and pruning saws, so that you can weed and prune no matter how thick the undergrowth is. And when it's all over, we've got brushes so you can tidy up after yourself.

We stock spades among our range of tools and garden supplies
Close-up of spade digging into turf
We stock spades among our range of tools and garden supplies
Seed packets in the Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

Planting and propagation

We've got everything you need to grow your garden from scratch. That includes grow houses, raised beds, troughs, hanging baskets, and the brackets to hang them from. We've also got seed trays and grow tubes, liners, canes and stakes, netting, and cloches. And there are walls of seeds to chose from, too.


Our watering supplies include watering cans, water butts, hoses, sprayers, sprinklers, and micro-irrigation systems. Remember to water plants at the start or end of the day to reduce the chances of scorching and evaporation.

More supplies

There's a good selection of fencing, path and border edging, and mesh screens. We've also got a range of different aggregates. Our garden care chemicals include organic plant feeds, fertilisers, root stimulants, and herbicides and pesticides.

Why not visit the garden centre to see our full range? If you don’t see the item you want, you can also contact us on 0208 545 2371. Our experts are happy to answer your questions.