Indoor plants at Morden Hall Park

House Plants at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre

The first thing you’ll see when you enter the Garden Centre at Morden Hall Park is our range of house, greenhouse and conservatory plants. Whether you’re looking for flowers or foliage, you’ll find plenty you’ll like. There is a good selection of pot plants, and you’ll also notice our hanging plants suspended from the ceiling.

Plants are a great way to bring life to an interior. They aren't as high-maintenance as pets, but watching them grow can provide a degree of the same satisfaction. If green is your colour, we have plants like palms, ficus, calathea, and ferns. Or, if you want something that won't just grow, but fruit as well, you should check out our citrus trees and kumquats.

We also have plenty of smaller pot plants, such as cacti, aloe vera, and carnivorous fly traps and pitcher plants.

Lose yourself among the plants in Morden Hall Park Garden Centre
Find house plants at Morden Hall Park Garden Centre


A nice flower can brighten up a room dramatically. It feels even better when you're the one who's brought them to flower. Our range includes orchids, begonias, and hydrangeas, among others.

Please come down and visit the Garden Centre to explore our full range of indoor plants. You can also call us on 0208 545 2371 and talk to our expert staff.